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Thursday, September 29, 2011


First posted: 9/29/11

Last year the 5th grade took a field trip to the Space and Rocket Museum in Huntsville. I was privileged to go. I had in my care 3 boys - one of them being mine. We had a wonderful time looking at the exhibits and enjoying the rides. Then came the IMAX movie. I can't even remember the name of it. But it was about the Hubble Telescope and the images it captures. The information and visuals provided in this movie had tears running down my face. I was overwhelmed with emotion and - joy. God using science to reveal himself.

Now - I know - people of "science" will think that is just hooey - emotional, weak minded folks needing an easy explanation to life's hard questions. But that is not it at all. I have been reading about Dark Matter and Dark Energy and it is quite amazing to hear about how God is showing himself through mysteries. Love it.

When I listen to the numbers - 3000 galaxies - just our neighbors, 100 billion galaxies in our universe of what we know that is 47 Billion Light Years huge, My mind feels like it has particlized. It is blown.

That is how BIG God is. Bank on it.

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