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Friday, October 19, 2012

Lowering the bar...

for others. Yeah...I am not talking about my own high standards. If anything I am horrid at all the "soccer mom" stuff. I cannot live that existence. When it gets stacked with one activity after another I start getting a little wiggy. I am not made of the stern stuff of so many women that surround me these days. I love to sit at home and just go slack jawed watching a movie. And quite frankly - this embarrasses me to some degree.

Because I live in the age of Super Woman.

I am so not Super Woman.

That would be the reason for the name Pajama Mama. I am GOOD at that. Fer sure.

So maybe this is my way of rebelling....just a little bit. I do have that wonderful trait in spades. I am kidding - not about having that trait - about it being wonderful. It is horrid. There is a fine line when setting boundaries as to why you are setting the boundaries. When rebelling and thumbing my nose at something comes into play- I have to think it through carefully. There are so many good things I need to submit to. I am constantly fighting the battle of suck it up and be nice as you do this for pete's sake.

But this - I have thought through.

I want to lower the bar. Just a bit.

I think that we think we have to be Super Woman everyday. We will disappoint someone. Or, we are trying to maintain a facade that gives us our worth. And our activities should never be where our worth comes from. Those activities ebb and flow and ebb to death. They become less and less as time goes by. We will be frustrated, cranky, unfulfilled, old women if continue to keep up the Super Woman facade. Because we just can't.

Our value as followers of Christ should be exactly where we look to find worth; Our adoption into the amazing familiy of God. We are daughters of the KING. He has given us simple rules to follow. They free us and allow us to be who he made us. That is with flaws and all. Wow. Now - of course we seek to overcome those flaws. He is in the process of sanctifying us day by day. But there is REST and FREEDOM in relaxing in Christ.

I think that is where lowering the bar comes into play. It is actually a setting the bar higher but in that amazing flip God uses - it is like losing your life for the sake of Christ to find more abundant life (Matthew 10:39  Whoever finds their life will lose it, and whoever loses their life for my sake will find it).

So in my setting the bar lower - I am just saying that I am freeing myself to be who I am with all of my flaws and personal problems. Seriously. I love the idea of not having to pretend that I am perfect. God is in the process of doing that for me. One day - I will be like him. A reflection of his glorious grace. That is what my goal and purpose should be everyday. To be a little more like him. I am going to do my best to lower the bar for my sisters. Because being Super Woman every day has GOT to be exhausting.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Be Creative - B-E- Creative!

I have neglected writing my thoughts. They are in there - believe it or not - bumping around in my thick skull. But for some strange reason - putting them into words escapes me.

I cannot say that it has been a hard few months. Seems to me that I have learned that life in general is just hard. For everyone. In one way or another we struggle, daily. The days we don't - well - those are indeed banner days.

It has caused me to think about how I look at life. I have posted about this before - but I know this world is hard. We are promised that we will find trouble here. So - we are to put our hope in the Lord, and trust in his care for us. He has overcome the world and it's darkness. But meanwhile - we carry on with business as usual. (John 16:33)

It reminds me of the story where Jesus went to Jerusalem with his parents for a feast. On their way back, Mary and Joseph noticed that Jesus was not around. Of course they panicked. Worried what had happened they rushed back to Jerusalem and found him sitting amoung learned men listening and talking. And of course these men were amazed as how much Jesus knew. When Mary and Joseph rushed in and rebuked Jesus for allowing himself to be left behind, he said, "How is it that ye sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?(Luke 2:49)" Of course Mary and Joseph didn't understand but in the midst of life - Jesus knew there were things that were more important.

I am starting to get that. What things seem important - like making lots of money, making sure my kids get every opportunity so they will be successful, these things - though they are good - should not be my goal. Life is so much more than all of this effort spent on things that sometimes just do not matter. Of course I am exxagerating - but truly - my goals have been so out of wack for so long. I have missed enjoying the life I have by trying to make it the best in the world's eyes. Off target.

My husband lost his job in May. I know it is hard for him - but I have been encouraged and find this schooling - though uncomfortable at times - enlightening and life changing . My husband's faith is amazing and I have been so thrilled at God's provision for us. I have been certified as a substitute teacher and I love it. I am so thankful I get to come home and be with the boys and take them to school in the morning. I feel a definite direction and see it as a reward for taking a path that has less money but certainly is more profitable in other ways.

There are other things I am feeling God's hand and direction in that I have been dragging my feet on for some time. But it is going to be one small step at a time. But I love, love, love that I am getting to be with kids during the day and that my creativity will be used.

Everyone is amazing. Have you noticed that? All of the writing and craftiness and artists...foodies and just such clever people - EVERYWHERE! It has made me hesitant to move forward with my own gifts. But I have come to see that that is wrong thinking. I am comparing  myself and that is wrong. There should be no comparison. I think the old addage that says if you don't use it, you lose it is true to some degree. We must practice our God given talents and use them in whatever way we are led to. The first step. Do it. Put feet to your desires. Paint the picture, write the song, cook the food...whatever your hand finds to do - do it well!

Ecclesiastes 9:10
Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.

Find a way to do what you envision. If it does not turn out as planned - it is just the one try. Do not give up!

Now - this may seem like a cheer session for the poor in heart (like myself ) and it absolutely is (and the reason for the cheer in the post title). There is no doubt in my mind that we are made to create just like our Creator. So go! Carry on with the business of living life - it does not have to be anything other than what it is - making something - anything. Find what makes your heart happy and see it realized. So yes - this is me - telling myself - and sharing with you - that it is time we put feet to our ideas. Find a way to live what you love. Use the gifts God has given and fill your day with busy-ness! Such a blessing!