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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I Found Something Fun To Do...

When I load the dishes - I like it pretty full. I hate to run it when there are spaces. So I will wait and sometimes I leave the clean dishes in and just pull from it. Yes, I know, not a good practice but it happens. So when Andy comes home and is being helpful he is loading the dirty dishes into clean dishes or pulling out dirty dishes to use, well no, that really never happens - but it could. Anyway...the other day I had a partial load and I was wondering what I could do to remind myself and him that it was dirty.

My Mom has a magnet that you way it says clean - the other it says dirty. My kids love magnets...that thing would never last. So I decided to take a happy red water based marker and write "dirty" on the front. Now mine is that smooth, slick shiny surfaced material. So it wipes off with a wet cloth easily. Can I just say that I LOVE writing whether the dishes are clean or dirty on there? It is just plain fun. Of course I had to remind the boys that they could not do that on any other furniture and could only write on the dishwasher with my permission...but what fun is that?

Made my day.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


Okay...I need to tell you the story behind the poems. It is a game. A person gives you one word and you are suppose to write a poem...

Andy told me it was okay to post this....just so you know

The word for this was cotton.


Here's to undies soft and white.
Keeps you comfy, holds you tight.
No other drawers can hold such treasure.

Their worth is truly hard to measure.
So bottoms up to the all but forgotten
Underwear, white, soft and cotton.

Curve in the Road

the word here: dip

The road it curved the gentle dip,
Where sky met earth again
I could not see beyond the curve
and prayed you would attend

My longing heart it's struggle mighty
to see that round that bend
You would come to my open arms
and know peace within them.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Word here: amusing

Amusing days spent in the sun
the salty sweat you could feel run
down your back to pool at the small

Radiating heat from warm brown skin
plunged quickly neath the cool blue spin
wet the length of that body tall

Then laying on the towel to enjoy
the cool evaporation used to employ
each summer day and it, endless all


Word here: fringe

I like the fringe around your eyes eyes
that reflect blue of the skies the skies
that go forever on
and remind me that you are again, gone.
and all that space between you and me
will cause an empty place to be.
I miss you friend and can't pretend
I long to see your face again
And one day soon to realize
and see that fringe around your eyes.